Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) involves the application of advanced hardware, software, and communication technologies to transportation. It represents one of the most significant “tools” in the transportation operations toolbox. The use of ITS within a comprehensive transportation operations program allows agencies to monitor and manage traffic flow, improve transit operations, reduce congestion, provide multimodal alternative routes to travelers, enhance productivity, and save lives, time, and money.


Intelligent Transportation Systems - GFPDC

Intelligent Transportation Systems – GFPDC

GFPDC provides full service Intelligent Transportation (ITS) design-build, planning, design, construction management, construction and maintenance services to major transportation systems and facilities in both the public and private sectors. We can design, manage, construct, integrate, operate, and maintain any ITS project. We have completed thousands of projects for transportation industries nationwide and provide cost-effective solutions that are fully compliant with federal ITS program requirements. We ensure top operational performance of your ITS by developing measures that meet your specific project needs and effectively link transportation operations performance with your agency’s overall goals and objectives. Our innovative services enable users to be informed, safe, and coordinated.


Our ITS experience and capabilities include:

  • Construction Management and Administration
  • Strategic planning and ITS architecture development
  • Freeway Management Systems (FMS)
  • Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)
  • Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS)
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Traffic Management Centers (TMC)
  • Transportation System Management and Operations (TSM&O)
  • Traffic signal corridor and arterial management systems
  • Active traffic demand management
  • Transit signal system improvements
  • Adaptive signal systems
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO)
  • Electronic payment and pricing
  • Web-enabled software solutions
  • Asset management systems
  • Automatic vehicle location systems
  • Systems integration
  • Incident and emergency management
  • Work zone safety and mobility
  • Managed lanes
  • Construction management
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI)
  • Construction
  • Training and program development
  • Maintenance